Schedule of Fees

To file and record any document (including Oil, Gas & Mineral Leases) containing 10 pages or less:
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00 each
After 10 Pages $8.00 each
Multiple Indebtedness/Multiple Obligations Mortgages:
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00 each
After 10 Pages $8.00 each
Reinscription of Mortgages:
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00 each
Indexing charge after FIRST name $5.00 per name
(Count total names in document required to be indexed, including Affaints, Vendors, Vendees, Mortgagor, and Mortgagees Maiden names, f/k/a, d/b/a, a/k/a names are counted as separate names.)
Certified Copy (provided by Clerks Office) $5.00 each
Stamp Copy $2.00 each
Copies $1.00 per page
Non-Compliance Fee: $10.00 per document
Any document filed for recordation must:Be captioned as to type of act on FIRST PageHave a 2 inch margin at top of first page

Have 1 inch margins at bottom and sides of first page and all additional pages

Have type-size NOT SMALLER than 8 point

Plats/Subdivisions, NOT ATTACHED TO DOCUMENTS: $50.00
Mortgage/Lien Certificate (10-year Search):
Each Additional Name $10.00
Each Additional Tract $10.00
Each encumbrance over 10yrs $1.00 each
Per year over 10 $2.00 per year
General Mortgage Certificate (10-year Search) $30.00 per name
Request of Cancellation with Original note $20.00
Request of Cancellation w/o original note $30.00
Lost Note AffidavitAffidavit of Prescribed Mortgage/EncumbranceRelease of Judgment**

Act of Cancellation of Lien (EXCEPT LA DEPT OF LABOR—LRS 23:1546)

Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien

Affidavit of Cancellation of Multiple Indebtedness Mortgage

**NOTE: All cancellations must be accomplished by the filing of a Request for Cancellation form, as required by La. C. C. Article 3366, and a Judgment must be captioned in the form of a Release. We will no longer accept a letter for this purpose.
Certificate of Cancellation $15.00
Certificate of Recordation $15.00
Civil Record Search $10.00
Criminal Record Search $10.00