The Civil Department is responsible for the filing of all Civil Suits, Probates, and all matters relating thereto. This includes the proper indexing of all suits, maintaining the Docket and Minute Book and keeping a record of all costs associated with any filings. The Civil suit department files all pleadings, documents, and exhibits and endorses thereon the fact and date of filing.

Correct advance deposit must accompany the original petition; otherwise, pleadings will be returned to sender or held without filing pending payment.

When advance deposit is depleted, no documents or pleadings will be filed and no action will be taken by the Clerk until an additional deposit is made or costs due are paid.

All outstanding court costs must be paid before a suit is dismissed.


All fees herein are established in accordance with La. R.S. 13:841 (as amended by Act No. 243 of the 2006 Regular Legislative Session) and other relevant statutes. This Fee Schedule is intended only as a guide in estimating costs.