The Criminal Department is responsible for the filing of all formal charges from the 39th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in the Parish of Red River, Louisiana.

The Clerk of Court’s Office is prohibited by law from providing legal advice; therefore, this office cannot assist applicants in completing the Motion for Expungement. It is recommended that you contact an attorney for assistance.

A SEPARATE Motion for Expungement must be filed for EACH ARREST DATE. To obtain the REQUIRED criminal background check or for information regarding the arrest, arresting agency and offenses charged, contact the Louisiana State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information at (225) 925-6095 or

The State of Louisiana, the District Attorney and the Sheriff will be served with a copy of the Judgment, but you will be responsible for requesting service on any other agency who has your charge on file.



Criminal Background Search – $20.00
Copies – $1.00 per page
Certification of Copies – $5.00 each
Extract of Court Minutes – $10.00 each